Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Member Profile: Bruce Harpham

Bruce's profile is the first in a series of member profiles we will be featuring on our blog. Each profile will feature a member's reflections on what they find enjoyable and challenging in their work, trends they see in their industry and their best advice to other CLA-CASLIS members.

Bruce is a Senior Business Analyst for a large Canadian bank. What Bruce enjoys most about his current position is having a wide variety of duties. These include ad hoc research requests, technical consultation and governance.

Bruce's greatest challenges are designing and developing performance measurements that are meaningful to clients. This involves developing metrics for evaluation and tracking the efficiency of one's services. He is always seeking to develop ways of measuring value that do not rely solely on simple calculations and focus on long term goals and contributions. Assessing the impact of poor information practices and mistakes is another challenge to consider.

Another broad issue for information professionals that interests Bruce is the tension between immediately meeting a client's needs (i.e. "Here is the answer to your question") and providing them with further instruction (i.e. "Let me teach you the skills to find that answer on your own.")

Bruce's best advice to other professionals is to develop technical skills; they may be time consuming to acquire, but are worth the effort! In addition to basic web design skills, a strong knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel is valuable.

Bruce has been a CLA-CASLIS member for two years. He enjoys the educational sessions offered and the opportunity to network with a small group of like minded professionals.

Profile by Erica Sum
CLA-CASLIS Marketing & Outreach Director

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